3 tips on how to photograph your child's enrollment

3 tips on how to best photograph your child's school enrollment

When parents become professional photographers!

The school cone is ready, the new school bag is packed and all the colored pencils are sharpened and neatly sorted. The first day of school is a very special experience for every child and it is not uncommon for the parents to be more excited than their offspring. In all this excitement, however, one should not forget the camera, because the beginning of the new adventure "School" should be duly recorded in the family album. With these tips, you can accompany your child’s first day of school with photos like a real pro:

1. The early morning catches the worm

We've probably all come across this old saying several times. But we do not only praise the hard-working early riser, but above all the beautiful light in the morning. Those who take photos before the start of the first day of school are usually particularly lucky with the lighting conditions. The sun is not yet particularly high on the horizon and thus bathes the entire area in wonderfully bright but above all very soft light. Also, pay attention to the old photo rule that says: the photographer should always have their back to the sun!

2. The right stage design

The right photo not only includes a beautiful motif and the right technology, but also an attractive background plays an essential role. If you want to put your child in the right place for the first day of school, you should think about the right location beforehand. The home garden is often best suited for this, as the children feel particularly comfortable here and can be left out. Of course, you should also take some pictures in front of the entrance to the new school.

3. After school is before school

Try to capture the beginning of this new phase of life in as much detail as possible throughout the day. Especially before the start of the school day, the children are usually very excited and find it particularly difficult to keep still for photos. So take the opportunity and take some pictures when picking up the child from school. The exciting morning, the newly formed friendships and the contents of the full school cone guarantee your child a big smile in every picture.

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