Little snowflake, little white skirt, when are you coming in the snow?

Snow shooting – the somewhat different photo shoot

We at Photogenika wait every year, very excited for the first snow of the year, because it offers the possibility of one family shoots in the snow. A shooting in the snow, does it even work that well? What do I have to consider when doing a winter shoot? Is this only possible as a family or can my child be in the picture alone?

It's the very special moments that we like best, and for us that definitely includes a family photo in the snow. Because a photo of a family having a snowball fight, a baby in a thick winter suit and red chubby cheeks with the happy parents is what we like to see in front of our camera. We look forward to these unique shoots every year.

Of course, it is important to find the right time for your winter shooting, and that means in winter, preferably in the morning or in the afternoon. When exactly depends on the month and we are happy to give you tips that we have collected in our many years of experience in the field of photography. Of course, for the perfect photo, you not only need the right light, your family's outfits should also be right, and that means in the best case: harmonizing colors. Especially at the family photography this is essential, otherwise your image will quickly appear overloaded or inconsistent. A little tip for this: Adults are best to stick to muted colors, children are welcome to use a little more color because they are physically a little smaller.

At a winter shooting, fun comes first, so that you as a family, but also your son or daughter, have a big smile in their eyes. This is how the most authentic photos are created. Of course, you can't stay outside that long in cold weather, so we can retreat to your warm home for the second half of the shoot.

There your children can look forward to a warm cocoa and smile happily at the camera, because even most adults like cocoa. In this way, even more beautiful pictures can be created at the kitchen table or in the living room of your four walls.

The particularly good news is: If it snows before Christmas, you can put these beautiful photos under the Christmas tree and give your relatives a particularly creative treat. Incidentally, ours look particularly beautiful here Photo Albums out.

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