portrait exercise

Hello, my name is Jacinta and I am a 2nd year trainee at Photogenika.
We recently had a portrait training including exercises for us trainees.

First we discussed theoretically which poses go with which style and what you have to pay attention to, for example if the person is wearing a dress or a skirt.

After the general discussion, a friend of mine came over so we could practice with her and try different poses and lighting. To my great delight, she brought her dog Godji with her, because I am an absolute animal lover and above all a dog fan and I am always very happy to get four-legged friends in front of the camera.
So we then have in addition to the actual portraits also photographed dog portraits and of course both together.
In order to practice different styles, she also brought a variety of outfits, from an elegant evening dress to a casual outfit.

Creativity without limits

In the beginning, we both took pictures in the studio sitting on a couch and worked exclusively with daylight to get a very natural look, like at home in your own living room.
After that we switched to an elegant dress and took more typical studio pictures with flash. We gave free rein to our creativity and tried out all the ideas that came to us.
Towards the end our ideas got more and more creative and also crazier and we experimented with multiple exposures. This resulted in really interesting and extraordinary pictures.

In short: We all went home satisfied in the evening and I was able to learn a lot that day (for which I am very grateful) and I am absolutely happy with my pictures.

I hope I could give you a little insight into my life as a Trainee at Photogenika give.

Your Jacinta

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