Photographs for the report booklet - from the diary of a trainee

As in any other apprenticeship, we also have Trainee photographer a report booklet in which we enter our experiences and collected experiences of the past week so that we can later check what knowledge we have acquired during our training in photography.
In addition to our weekly reports, we should not forget our report topics, which we can try out for ourselves and immerse ourselves in the different areas of photography.
There are various tasks that we have to master, such as photography in the photo studio or outdoors on various topics, e.g. cityscapes, product and advertising shots (photographing a box or jewelry, etc.), or in portrait photography (young and old, fashion , Etc.).
As a photographer in training, in addition to the everyday photo shoots in our studio, I learn through these varied topics to deal more intensively with the technology in the photo studios and the cameras, so that later as a trained photographer I can handle my equipment safely and professionally and independently make clear, to be able to create precisely planned concepts for a photo shoot.
My dear colleagues clearly support and advise me with all their experience that they have gained in photography to date, so that I can master some complex tasks with bravura!
With her great knowledge, Jasmin helped us trainees with words and deeds when photographing a box.
I am excited to see what new and exciting topics will await me in my second year of apprenticeship as a photographer and what experiences I will gain from them photoshoots can collect.
Your Jessica

product photo


Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

Hotel Shooting Photogenika 01

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