Tinker photo calendar as a gift

We show which of your photos absolutely have to be in the calendar

A photo calendar is always a nice gift for friends and family. But every year you face the challenge of which photos to paste. A photo calendar is always a nice gift for friends and family. But every year you face the challenge of which photos to paste.

January, February, March, April - spring in the photo calendar

01 - Winter Wonderland: January is the best time to have a wintry image. Children playing in the snow, a picture from the last skiing holiday or a family picture from skating. The most important thing is that it is nice and wintry.

02 – To make things a bit more colorful this month, you can use a nice carnival picture from last year.

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03 - Spring is finally here! March is especially nice if you choose a pastel-colored photo. A picture of your loved ones under a blossoming cherry tree or from the first spring outing is perfect for the beginning of spring.

04 - Become an Easter bunny yourself! In April you can take a funny fun photo together with your loved ones. At a joint photo shoot, for example, you can all put on funny bunny ears and you already have the perfect photo for the month of April.

Filter tip: In the first few months, you should be particularly careful to work with photos with a lot of blue and to use pastel tones. This looks particularly spring-like and light.

May, June, July, August - hot days in the photo calendar

05 – You went to put up the maypole? Then in with the picture photo album. Maybe you were at a wedding or some other celebration. Be sure to rummage through the archives, because there's always something going on in May.

06 - It's time for greetings from vacation in the south or from the local bathing lake! In June, bathing time is slowly here and a photo while splashing around is sure to put the recipient in a good mood.

07 – Pure nature is the order of the day, because everything blooms and grows. Anyone who was out in nature in July is sure to have photographed a flower or two, a full cornfield or beautiful mountain landscapes. Clean with it!

08 – The recipient still doesn't appear in the album? I'm sure you'll find a great picture of the two of you together.

Filter tip: summer, sun, sunshine. In these months you should pay attention to bright and strong colors in your photo selection.

September, October, November, December - Atmospheric photos in the calendar

09 – Show your dirndl or lederhosen! The Wiesn begins in September and with it the traditional costume season. If you've also dressed up for it, the photo has to be in the calendar.

10 – The golden autumn is here, the leaves are slowly changing color and we are soaking up the last rays of sunshine before winter. Do you have another nature picture? Clean with it.

11 - Now it's off to the sofa, because it's getting uncomfortable outside. Drinking tea, knitting socks, cuddling with loved ones - show your cozy side now!

12 – Iiiiin the Christmas bakery…hopefully last year there was also a photo of floured noses or decorating concentrated cookies.

Filter tip: Whether a deep red or a soft ocher yellow - warm colors create a wonderful autumnal mood!

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