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I confess. For me, the digital pictures from vacation or big family events disappear in one of the numerous folders on my computer instead of in photo albums immediately after looking at them for the first time. And then? When friends are there and we're talking, for example, about one of my last family celebrations or last month's friendship shoot, it takes too long for me to find the recordings on my computer. That's why I don't even start looking. In addition, the laptop has to be booted up and connected to the TV so that everyone can see something, and I don't have the nerve for that.

Photos and pictures are presented more beautifully in photo albums

But when I have my pictures in a photo album, I like to pull them out and show them to my friends and family. It's that fast. Once on the bookshelf and you can look at the wedding photos, for example. And they are beautifully presented too. Individually tailored to me and my style.
And that is exactly what we at Photogenika stand for. Whether for your family shoot, your newborn photos or the pictures of your wedding. We design it for you individual and personal album.

Individual design of your photo album

For this you choose your favorite pictures after your shooting. Depending on the desired design, this can be between 20 and 80 or more pictures. Then we sat down and discussed the design using example albums. We mainly focus on what you like. Would you prefer it simple and modern? Or is it playful and with patterns? Everything is possible. But there are not only many options when it comes to page design. You can also really let off steam with the cover of the book. And really everything is allowed here. From imitation leather, acrylic glass and canvas elements to buckles and decor. Everyone will find something there!
And attention to detail is in everyone's Photo Albums and pictures visible and makes not only my eyes, but also the eyes of my friends and family shine with joy!
So think about booking a photo album for your next photo shoot at Photogenika.
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Design example photo album newborn photos
Design example photo album baby photo
Example photo album family photos
Design example photo album children's photography
Design example photo album couple photo shoot
Sample photo album portrait photography
Example photo album baby belly photos
Sample photo album nudes
Design example photo album wedding photos
Design example photo album wedding photography
Design example photo album wedding pictures
Sample photo album wedding photographer

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

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