Newborn photos - A little mom, a little dad and lots of miracles

Many beautiful accessories for newborn photography

We photographers from Photogenika regularly have the unbelievable luck of being able to stage these sweet little wonders together with your family in our photo studio during a newborn shoot. Whether in the wash tub, lying on a fruit crate or wrapped in cute fluffy blankets. at Newborn photos Munich Photogenika has the right accessory for everyone!

Newborn photos Munich need time and empathy

Because even if the newborns are still so small, they already have their own character and corresponding will. So it is not surprising that every newborn shoot is different and has a surprise or two in store from time to time. But that is exactly what makes these shootings so special for us. And that's why we photographers from Photogenika take a little more time for a shoot Newborn Photography Munich. Because in order to be able to photograph such individual newborn pictures, you need patience, a steady hand and empathy. After all, a photo shoot for newborn photography is not only an exciting affair for the newborn. But also for the new parents who leave their little one, which is currently a maximum of 14 days old, in our care for a short while and thus trust us absolutely.
We have most accessories on site, but we are always happy to receive additional private memorabilia with a personal touch. Do you still have the baby blanket at home that you used to cuddle up in in your cradle? Or a hat that the proud grandmother crocheted especially for her new grandchild? bring it on!

Different poses result in varied newborn pictures

And of course the other family members should not be missing from the newborn photos. If you are concerned that the "big" siblings might bring too much excitement into the newborn shoot, we can reassure you with this. The proud siblings usually do a great job and watch over us photographers with eagle eyes to make sure we don't harm their little sister or brother.
We have attached the great shots that can be taken with newborn photography!
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Newborn photos with hats
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newborn photography
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Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography Munich
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