Biometric passport photos Munich – tips & information

Some official documents can only be issued with a biometric passport photo

Biometric passport photos must meet numerous requirements. A frontal view, a certain position of the head in the picture and a special background are essential. This often results in real “convict photos” because laughing in these pictures is also forbidden. But that need not be. After all, you carry the passport photos with you for years. We explain how to look friendly on biometric passport photos and what the requirements are.


Frequently asked questions about biometric passport photos

Biometric passport photos are mandatory for:

  • identity card
  • passport
  • new driver's licenses

Passport photo machines often advertise that they can produce biometric photos. If that goes wrong, you not only pay twice, but if your machine picture is rejected, you can go to the passport office or the office a second time. And that is not uncommon, because the machines often produce pixelated, blurred or even colored images. This contradicts the biometric guidelines.

It is also important that the people are well lit and that there are no reflections or shadows on the face or background. This can usually only be achieved with professional studio equipment.

By the way: you can get passport photos from Photogenika in Munich almost as quickly as from a machine. You can take the photos directly with you.

If you want a nice passport photo of yourself, you should prepare something for it. Women can accentuate their eyes and cheeks with makeup. Men should pay attention to a fresh beard care.

Important is:

The hair should not cover the face too much
The eyes must remain free
The following applies to people who wear glasses: the eyes must be clear and clearly recognizable. Reflections on the glasses, tinted glasses or sunglasses are not allowed. The rim of the lenses or the frame must not cover the eyes.

A passport photo shows only the collar. It is therefore advisable to wear a relatively high-necked piece of clothing, such as a blouse or shirt. Because it is advantageous if some clothing can still be seen in order not to appear too "naked". Thick turtlenecks, on the other hand, can give the impression that the neck is very short and are therefore not recommended.

Not allowed are:

  • Headgear, except for religious reasons
  • Other clothing that prevents the face from being seen from the bottom of the chin to the forehead

"Don't laugh, just look neutral". That is the requirement that makes it difficult to create a likeable photo. What many people don't know: a gentle smile is allowed! With exercises to relax facial muscles and a few tips from the photographer, passport photos don't have to be scary photos.

But there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • The head must not be turned or tilted
  • The mouth must be closed
  • The view must be frontal into the camera
  • The eyes must be open and clearly visible

Showing teeth, as in the picture on the right, is unfortunately not allowed. A friendly smile is okay.

Here are just a few key points for the correct format of passport photos:

  • The portrait format image is 45 millimeters high and 35 millimeters wide
  • The entire head (including hair) must be visible
  • The face height must be between 27 and 40 millimeters
  • The face must be centered on the photo

    You can dem Catalog of the Federal Printing Office remove.

Children and babies have different proportions - it also takes a certain amount of instinct to elicit the right facial expression and posture from them. If you are looking for baby passport photos in Munich, you are in good hands with the experienced photographers at Photogenika.

These are some of the specifications for biometric baby photos and children's passport photos:

The height of the face in children up to 10 years old must occupy 50 – 80 % of the photo. This corresponds to a height of 22 - 36 mm from the tip of the chin to the top of the head (without hairstyle). Otherwise, the same rules apply as for adults.

There are only a few exceptions to this rule for babies and toddlers up to the age of 6. You must also face the camera head-on. However, small deviations in facial expressions and viewing direction are tolerated.

The tilted head (picture on the right) is also not permitted on biometric images for babies.

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