Traveling as a wedding photographer in Munich and the surrounding area

The very first wedding of the year is always peppered with a portion of stage fright for every wedding photographer of ours - but fortunately in our profession as a wedding photographer this is like riding a bicycle - once internalized and you never forget it again.
On the contrary, every wedding and thus every bridal couple enriches us with further experience in wedding photography and gives us photographers the opportunity to constantly surpass ourselves with new ideas for wedding photos.
The special thing about such days is for everyone Wedding photographer in Munich, that we, as an outsider, are able to experience and record the most familiar scenes live. The glowing eyes of the groom when he sees his bride for the first time, the tears of joy of the relatives in the first pews when the yes word is said or the moment when the bridal couple holds hands, but nobody except us wedding photographers can see as the newlyweds sit in the church with their backs to the guests.
We keep these and many more unique moments for you in an emotional way wedding photography for eternity and consider it the greatest compliment when a bridal couple tells us that they can relive their wedding over and over again through our wedding pictures, whether packed in a wedding album that we have elaborately designed or on a clearly arranged photo CD .
Because then we as a wedding photographer in Munich have achieved exactly what our goal is: to touch our bridal couples with the resulting wedding pictures!

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