Journeyman examination to become a photographer for our former trainee Sonja


In this year's journeyman's examination for photographers, the photographic part within my focus (portrait photography) for a hotel brochure was to photograph the employees in their working environment. The picture ideas were immediately in my head and literally called for an immediate implementation. However, the “immediate” was anything but easy, since each examinee had to organize the hotel himself and exactly in the week in which this part of the examination was to be photographed, the construction fair in Munich was taking place and therefore no hotel was willing to offer me its employees for the photographic implementation of my on-site examination. After a good two days and what felt like an endless number of rejections, I still had exactly one hotel on my call list: The La Villa on Lake Starnberg - a hotel for conferences and festivities. When one of the employees then informed me that they could fulfill my wish to be able to take pictures with them, my state of mind shot from sad to death to jubilant in a matter of seconds, because to be honest, I was almost there, or rather in the middle of it Despair!
Three days later I made my way to Niederpöcking / Starnberger See with a bag and a photographer's pack and an incredibly great location awaited me ( and really wonderful people who made themselves available for my pictures and made it very easy for me to get great pictures because of their good mood. The requirements of the examination board for this part of the examination were described as follows:
– a group picture with employees and owners
– three individual portraits of employees in their working environment
- two Portraits of employees in dialogue with guests For the employee portraits, I decided on a portrait of the chef de cuisine, room service and restaurant service, since the pictures were to be used to show the dialogue with guests at the bar and at reception, and I therefore wanted to photograph all the important areas of the workplace in the hotel.Thanks to the great and uncomplicated cooperation, I was able to return to our photo studio at the end of the day with many great pictures and start working on the final result.For the great support of the LaVilla team, who essentially also "Responsible" that the result of this part of the exam turned out so well, I would like to thank you again and can only warmly recommend this hotel if you want to celebrate or meet in a very human, open and extremely friendly environment.
guests at the reception
Portrait of owner and employees
Portrait chef
Portrait restaurant service
Portrait room service

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