From the diary of a trainee - report booklet task light shaper

One of the absolutely most important factors in photography is the right light. This determines both the mood of the picture and the associated first impression. As a trainee, here at Photogenika, I document my work weekly in my report book. This includes, among other things, a "photographic internship" with tasks that offer great opportunities. You can see many different areas of the photography to discover. And especially trying out and practicing is encouraged. The correct lighting is crucial for the effect of the mood. It therefore makes sense to compare different light shapers on the same motif at the beginning of the training. This makes it easy to identify the differences so that the right formers can be used in the future. Depending on the purpose of the photos (passport, application, portrait, family, nude...) the light must be set. That is, the photographer decides which light best reflects the client's desire in a given case. For example at application pictures the light should be set appropriately, depending on the industry, in order to achieve the most professional possible result. In the medical field, for example, one pays attention to a white background and a beautifully illuminated, diffuse light - that means: without strong shading. This combination enables a very clear, clean-looking image, which immediately promotes the first impression of the application. In somewhat more creative professions, a striking character portrait can certainly produce the desired effect with a set shadow. So you can make a difference with the right light! In the following pictures you can see how I tried out the different light shapers and what effect they give the picture.

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Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

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