From the diary of a trainee - report book photography

In order to get to know other areas of photography in addition to the photographic activities in the company, a trainee or his company is offered the purchase of a report booklet recommended, in which, in addition to the weekly reports, photographic tasks should also be carried out. These always serve a learning purpose in order to work out basic things and to deal precisely with your camera, the settings and possibilities, such as their possible limits and the difficulties associated with them.
I would like to show one of these tasks here: A portrait was to be photographed in the baroque style, planning and implementation at one's own discretion, only the final format should be that of a diptych (diptych = in painting a painting divided into two). My first idea was to rent a bombastic dress from a costume rental. Very easily. Or?
Well, the rental prices quickly left me speechless and my mind told me that I would have to work a few more years before I could easily spend a few euros to rent a dress like this for a few hours . However, since necessity is known to be the mother of invention and creativity is the basis of everything in our profession, I quickly and with the help of two other gifted hands (thanks grandma!) grabbed a needle and thread to get myself a baroque “ruff” and a matching hair accessory handcraft. Thanks to my incredibly patient model (thanks Tina!) and the hair and make-up skills of a dear friend (thanks Lea!), the result on the day of the photo shoot is really something to be proud of.
Based on this experience, I can only confirm Karl Valentin's statement: "Art is beautiful - but it takes a lot of work!", but I am of the opinion that "if all the work is fun and the result is satisfactory, art is even more beautiful !“

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