From the diary of a trainee - nude photography

After long hours of practicing and trying, I'm ready. I have now gained enough experience to also photograph nudes and lingerie photos in the studio. Initially only as an assistant in photo shoots for our photographers, here at Fotostudio Photogenika I learned the art of working with light and shadow from the basics.
I was allowed to carry out initial test shoots for nude photography and nude photos on friends with my own ideas, where I could try out how the light is best used in nude photos and lingerie photos and which poses best represent the advantages of each body in the resulting nudes bring validity.
Since I have now gained a lot of experience with it and have already photographed series for nude photography in the studio together with my colleagues, the time has now come when I can photograph independently. With lots of new ideas and having fun taking photos, I present insights into my first nude and lingerie series. Perhaps you would also like to come and see us?
Your Barbara

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nude photography
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