Definition photography

The term photograph was first published (prior to English or French publications) by the astronomer on February 25, 1839 Johann Heinrich Maedler used in the Vossische Zeitung.[1] Until the 20th century, photography referred to all images that are created purely by light on a chemically treated surface. the photography is a medium, which is used in very different contexts. Photographic depictions can, for example, contain objects with a primarily artistic (artistic photography) or be of a primarily commercial nature (industrial photography, Advertising- and fashion photography). The photograph may be subject to artistic, technical (photo technique), economic (photo economy) and socio-social (Amateur-, worker- and documentary photography) aspects are considered. Furthermore, photographs in journalism and used in medicine. Photography is partly a subject of research and teaching in the art history and the young ones image science. The artistic nature of photography has long been controversial, but has been increasingly recognized in recent years. Some research directions arrange the photography of media- or communication science to (for example Werner Faulstich), this assignment is also disputed. the color photography evolved from the Black and white photography, which still finds many followers today. Nowadays with the digital photography (or Photography after photography) and other photography-like ones imaging capabilities a new definition discussion flared up, which will still divide the spirits for some time. Photography is subject to the complex and multi-layered photo right; when using existing photographs, the image rights to note.

"Photography is a marvelous discovery, a science which attracts the greatest minds, an art which stimulates the shrewdest thinkers - and yet can be practiced by any fool" - Nadar, 1856

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