Made! – Finally companion of photography!

A few months ago I wrote my journeyman's examination to become a photographer - harder than I thought!
I was asked a lot what is actually required? "That's just pressing the shutter button a little!" Very few people know that there is much more to it than that. All the camera technology, design tools, even calculations and image production in the photo studio are asked. A lot accumulates in three years of training as a photographer!
For me, the best thing about the journeyman's examination was the free project.
What is that? – All trainees in photography think about a topic that he/she would like to implement photographically. Everyone writes a concept. After the written exams, you have two weeks to take photos, edit the images and then print them.
In the two weeks, however, everyone also photographs two prescribed topics. In my case, a traditional costume association (focus on portrait photography) and a bridge (architectural photography). Organizing the whole thing was very difficult – a real test. But back to my free project: "We are worth it!"
My aim was to portray the beauty of women who have lost their hair due to an illness. I tried a lot in the photo studio to get the subject across properly. It was important to me that the first glance falls on the face. After a few attempts in photo studio I had finally achieved that and the exam could come.
I am very happy with my result. I hope you like the pictures of my apprenticeship exam as a photographer as much as I do!
I'm glad to have found such lovely girls who supported me and let themselves be photographed.
Thanks to you!
Your Moira

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