Catering on the red carpet

A big event, lots of people on the red carpet, but the most exciting thing happens in the background.
Behind the scenes at the opening of the ARRI cinema in Munich: live catering

Right in the middle there instead of just

It's already an exciting external appointment when you read in all the newspapers on the way to the studio "Today big reopening" and you realize that you're looking forward to it events the eyes will be directed.
It was also clear to me that I would not be the only photographer in Munich who was there. However, I wouldn't be the one trying to photograph important guests on the red carpet. Much better, I'll stay in the background and stand at the "secret source" of this event. Namely with the catering!
The company UNIKORN has us, from Photogenica, booked to document her work.

event photography

I arrive, a red carpet is rolled out in front of the cinema. Inside, the dancers rehearse one last time before they don their costumes and the performance begins. But the calm before the storm only applies to the foyer. Downstairs in the kitchen, preparations are in full swing.

There is no good event without good food

The canapés are spectacularly draped and arranged. The chefs are hard at work. The service team receives a briefing, decides who will serve what, what has to go where and what the process will be like. And then it starts: The guests enter, the film and photo crews are ready and the dancers are dressed in spectacular costumes. And the most important thing for me: I concentrate on the beautiful trays and plates, on the appetizers and the situations.

event photography

The program in the cinema begins, the guests fill the cinema halls and behind the scenes the action continues. The main course will be served during the next break. The next kitchen and the next plates are set up for the photo (my highlight: I can eat the "photo plates" 😊) and the dessert is also ready to be decorated.

An incredibly exciting evening and here are a few appetizers for you!

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