Business photos with a consistent imagery

Some jobs simply stick in your memory for longer, be it through great and extraordinary experiences, small glitches or really special circumstances. Especially when you can proudly claim to be able to photograph business photos for certain companies again and again.
Daimler AG, with its Mercedes Benz branch in Munich, is one such company for which we have already photographed several times.

Uniform employee photos and business photos

So we were initially commissioned for about 100 employees in Arnulfstraße, which is just around the corner from our photo studio in the west end, staff photos close. This was quite an experience as we were allowed to do this on one of the top floors of the building and you can imagine what a breathtaking view of Munich you have.
A specific set for the business photos was determined so that we could guarantee that every employee was equally lit and photographed with the same background, just in case latecomers could also be photographed in our studio. Since there are several branches of Daimler in Munich we have also set up our mobile photo studio in the Frankfurter Ring facility.

Atmospheric event photography

A big highlight were the four subsequent after-work parties in the “me store” on Odeonsplatz. Everything was offered there, from effective lighting, delicious food, a relaxed atmosphere, many show acts and, of course, great cars. And we were hired for the event photography.
Testing the new Google 3D glasses, where our colleagues were able to take a virtual trip through Munich, was really breathtaking. You don't experience something like this every day! Even today, some employees come to us for portraits or passport photos and we are very happy about it!
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Business photos Daimler Center Munich
Business photos
business photography
business photos
Business photos me store
business photography
staff photos
staff photos
staff photos
Business photos Munich
Photographer business portraits Munich
Business photos Munich

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
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