Why do we love wedding photography?

Why do we love wedding photography?

The wedding is the most beautiful day of your life. And this day should also be captured accordingly in pictures. And for us – the photographers from Photogenika - there is hardly a greater honor than to accompany a bridal couple on this day, because we do wedding photography. So much so that even the rain can be forgotten.

1. Getting ready

That Getting ready is a very special part of the wedding. The couple hasn't seen each other all day and is wondering what their partner will look like. Excitement is in the air and is almost palpable. This nervousness can be seen in every look and you can see the excited twinkle in their eyes. Since the bridal couple has a few minutes of peace here, there are many very nice moments - with the parents or the best man. One last time you can hug everyone tightly. We are often allowed to accompany these small moments as a photographer at the wedding and this is where affordable pictures with incredible emotions are created.

2nd wedding ceremony

It's finally here, the most important part of the day begins: the wedding. The partner stands nervously in the church and waits. Then she comes - the beautiful bride. And everyone can admire her in all her glory as she strides down the aisle. When you first look at your partner, a tear or two rolls down and capturing it photographically is something very special. Then, during the wedding ceremony, there are those unique looks between the couple when the speaker is giving his speech. The moment of handing over the ring is also one of the most important moments, when the couple looks deep into each other's eyes and then slips the ring on as gently as possible. And finally comes the long-awaited kiss.

3. Portraits

the portraits are a little oasis of calm for the couple on this exciting day. Once the wedding guests are taken care of, our photographer sneaks away with the couple to do the wedding shoot. It doesn't matter whether it's raining or the sun is shining, on a day like your own wedding, the couple shines all by themselves and this results in beautiful natural moments. We as photographers are there to capture those precious moments and keep them forever for the couple.
Our couples often say after the wedding that they didn't even realize how something happened. And in order to review the whole day of the wedding many times, we as wedding photographers are indispensable.
Every wedding is very special to us and that's why we love wedding photography.
Thanks to every wedding couple that we are allowed to accompany on your big day.
Your Sonja
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