Why do I need corporate photos?

It doesn't matter whether it's a small family business or a large corporation, pictures of your company and business portraits of your employees are an absolute must on the website of every reputable company. Especially since you can use the attractive business photos not only online, but also offline on flyers and brochures to win new customers. Employee photos give potential customers the opportunity to get a picture and a first impression of the company and the team in advance.

For a smooth process of the company pictures

The employee shoot should be planned about two weeks in advance to avoid stress and hectic on the day of the pictures. It is also advisable to block different days for the company photos in the corresponding week. This reduces the risk of food stains on clothing and ill-fitting hairstyles.

In order to take away the fear of the individual portraits from the employees, the team and group photos should be taken first. This lightens the atmosphere and also strengthens the sense of community among colleagues.

How to crack the body language code in business portraits

As with application photos, there are small tips and tricks for business portraits on how to best present yourself. If the chin is stretched too high, the portrayed person appears snooty, if it is too far down, he/she appears intimidated. The trained eyes of our company photographers will help you to find and strike the ideal pose with millimeter precision.

For example, pictures of employees are usually taken at eye level to give the viewer the feeling that they can look the person in the photo straight in the eye. A friendly and natural smile radiates motivation and helpfulness. A good corporate photographer also makes sure that the entire body posture of the person being photographed is turned in the direction of the camera and thus appears open and sympathetic. Learn more about Company portraits and employee photos of photogenics.

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