Stylish nudes - nude photography is the fine art of photography

We photographers at Photogenika love nude photography!

How so? And what distinguishes them Nudes of lingerie or boudoir photography? How does the processing of my nudes work in your photo studio and how can I show off my photos to their best advantage? I'll tell you all that a stone's throw below.

A nude photoshoot is one of the premier classes of photography, something only a seasoned person can do Nude photographer Munich can really master, because this requires a lot of experience. But first of all, the explanation of the question: What exactly is a nude photo? Of course, the term is used in many ways and there are no limits to the scope for interpretation, but for us photographers, nude means staging a completely naked body in a stylish and erotic way. In contrast to this is the lingerie photo or boudoir photo shoot, where we capture your curves in beautiful lingerie. 

The fact that nude photography is one of the most demanding types of photography is precisely due to this detail. Every body is individual and therefore requires very individual lighting. The nude photographer needs a trained and experienced eye here in order to see the perfect light for your perfect picture directly, because a nude picture stands and falls with the lighting and the experience of the photographer of your choice. On the one hand we have the absolute manual part during the nude photography, on the other hand we can also live as an artist. If you've googled "nude" before, you'll stumble across some bodyscapes, as well as graceful and artful poses. While creating a nude painting, sometimes we feel like an artist with a brush and paint, as if we are painting a beautiful picture in our mind's eye.

We photographers at Photogenika When taking photos, make sure that only your chocolate sides are visible in your pictures and, of course, respond to your individual wishes. After all, your nude shoot should also be a highlight for you and not a nail-biter. Every man or woman should feel comfortable in our photo studio during your photo shoot and we are only satisfied when you completely like your nude picture. To feel really sexy and dispel any last doubts, you can also book professional make-up with us. This gives most of them the final kick for their self-confidence.

Accessories are a great way to add a personal touch to your image. This can be your personal jewelry, a scarf or a pair of high heels give your photo your very own touch.

Now you have dared to take the step and let us photograph you stylishly in your nude, but what now? It would be a shame to "only" let the pictures stew digitally on the PC or smartphone. Nude photos really come into their own when they printed in an album or big hang on your wall. You are at a loss as to which of these suits you best? Ask us, we will show you how your photos come into their own.

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