Style guide for your business portrait in Munich

How to prepare for your business photo shoot

Just the idea of having to make employee portraits in the company sends a chill down the spine of many employees. Do I have to have the photos taken in front of all colleagues? What should I do with my hair? And what do you wear for such an occasion? Don't panic, these are questions that everyone asks themselves before a business photo shoot - you will find the answers here.

Dress code for business portraits for men

Anyone who is not employed by a bank or insurance company does not necessarily have to present themselves in a black suit with a tie and a pin in their business photos. The be-all and end-all for business portraits are above all well-fitting clothing. A shirt that stretches slightly across the middle or trousers that are obviously only held up by the belt catch the eye in photos and reduce the wearer's competence in the eyes of the observer. A smart jacket over a slightly open shirt or a plain sweater is suitable for many industries.

Dress code for business photos for women

Warning: keep your hands away from clothing that is too wide! These do not conceal, but rather make the wearer appear fuller. The outfit on your employee portrait should flatter your figure. A narrow belt, for example, emphasizes your narrow waist, while draping or wrap-around looks in the top cleverly hide a small tummy. When it comes to jewelry, care should be taken to ensure that the accessories are timeless and subtle and do not distract too much from the person in the photo.

Your color code for your corporate photos

Clever color combinations can also be used to conceal certain parts of the body or bring them to the fore. In company photos, for example, you should avoid too many white or pastel-colored items of clothing, as the bright colors distract from the face and employees. Dark and muted colors, on the other hand, hide small problem areas and generally look a bit slimmer.

But the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your clothes. This is the only way you can relax during the company photos and appear authentic in the pictures. And smile of course!

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