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Product photos Munich

We show the special features and strengths of your product and design in the best light. Use your product photos in a variety of media, from the web to brochures.

Have you already tried to take high-quality product photos in Munich with your camera? At some point you've probably realized how tricky it can be to create high-quality business photography. If you use a flash, there are bright lines on the product, without flash everything is usually too dark.

Since every product is different, professional product photos in Munich require a creative approach and high-quality technical equipment. Some products are easy to hold and look great straight away. Other products such as transparent plastic cups require specially designed light, good dynamics, different backgrounds and ultimately professional digital post-processing. With this individual approach, we can guarantee optimal results even with demanding products and designs.

You can later use Photogenika's product images for your website or online shop, advertisements, catalogues, packaging and posters.

The right format

It is important for optimal product photos in Munich that we set goals together beforehand. This includes, for example, which details should be shown or how backgrounds should be set. A lot can be edited digitally later, but the better the source material is, the less effort there is afterwards.

When taking photos, we make sure to see the product through the eyes of your customers. Which details are interesting for the later user of the product and in which medium should the recordings mainly be used.

Pictures for the catalog and the internet

The finished product images are usually passed on to the advertising agency or internal marketing with basic post-processing, such as color adjustment. The original images or cropped images without a background are ideal for use in a catalogue.

For the Internet, the business images must be converted into the right format with a suitable size and small file size. We can help you with the release of selected images and the reduction of the image data for the Internet.

Models using your product

The use of models is suitable if you have products or services in your company that can be operated or shown. Ordinary, attractive people can show your products in action, creating a connection with your customers.

It makes sense to use models who have done this before and who are not employees of the company. Models have stamina and employees change companies over time and these images often become unusable. On the right you can see David for a photo shoot for revos watercooler. He's been standing there in different poses for 4 hours and he's still looking good.

We are happy to help you if you are looking for models for your photo shoot.

Prices for photography in the business sector

Whether it's an event, company portrait, employee photos, trade fair photography or architectural photos, we are the photographer for your project. Contact us and let us advise you competently.

We will be happy to provide you with an exact offer on request.

perfomance Price
Photography exclusive image data 75 €
Reportage / event photography including event photos 125 €

Contact us!

The best photos are created when photographer and model act as a team and get along well. Get in touch with us so that we can arrange a free introductory appointment. We will then be happy to answer all your questions and requests.

Yours, Tina Rieger-Gudehus

Photographer Tina Rieger-Gudehus Hofgarten close

Photo studio in the Westend
Guldeinstrasse 28
80339 Munich

Photo studio in the Westend
Guldeinstrasse 28
80339 Munich

Photo studio at Ostbahnhof
Orleansstrasse 39
81667 Munich

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

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