"Look me in the eyes, little one" - ring flash

Light has many forms and facets. In our line of work, it's not just us photographers from Fotostudio Photogenika who deal with the nature and properties of light. Since the beginning of photography, people have been diligently tinkering and trying to find out how the lighting in a photo shoot can best serve their purposes.

Especially in the field of portrait photography, one is always looking for something special and individual. After all, every person who wants to be photographed should also be able to say that they recognize themselves in the photos and images.

It always depends on whether we want to emphasize a striking face with shadowy lighting in the character traits, or whether we want to conjure up beauty portraits with soft, flattering light. One purchase we made a long time ago is a ring flash. This subtle, bright light has the wonderful property of creating a special, ring-shaped reflection in the subject's eyes. An effect that amazes everyone!

And since we ourselves are deeply impressed by it and will probably remain so for a long time to come, this report shows a few of the pictures that were taken in this way. We wish you a lot of fun watching and marveling!

Your Barbara


Hotel photo shoot

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