From the diary of a trainee

Hello, my name is Sonja, I'm 20 years old, I graduated from high school this year and I'm now making a dream come true, because I'm the new kid, so to speak, the chick in the Photogenika team! As a trainee in the field of photography, I would like to share my highly varied everyday life with you by publishing a weekly blog entry here on our homepage! I will report on my experiences, what I have just learned and the situation of working with lots of creative minds and learning from them!
09/01/2010 – 09/04/2010: the first working weekExcitement? – No!, nervousness? – No!, afraid? – No!, joy? - Definitive!!!
Because finally I had a job again! After I had almost four months to recover from the stress of high school, a new phase of my life began: training to become a photographer! On the very first day, my boss Tina took me to an external appointment! We visited a family of 4 in Munich/Solln to photograph the smallest of the bunch together with her proud parents and big sister! Before leaving, it was my job to pack the camera bag and so I immediately explored the details of our camera cabinet! Since a photographer's equipment doesn't just include a camera, a memory card and a flash unit, there were many things on my packing list that I didn't know, such as the Bowens set (put simply, a set of tripods and lights that gives the photographer the opportunity to to create the same lighting situations as in the studio during an external appointment), a few days later our Laura, an apprentice in her third year, helped me by completely clearing out the camera cabinet with me. She showed me where to find all the important equipment accessories and even let me in on the details of the different lenses! Since Tina had an outside appointment at a civil wedding on Poccistraße that same day, I packed her camera bag and lo and behold: It went much faster than on the first day 
In my first week, however, it was not only about packing my camera bags, but also about being behind the camera myself, which made me very happy, but at the same time made me really nervous for the very first time, because it was after all my first week of training and in I don't think it's a matter of course that Tina entrusted me with her camera and the customers!
Of course, I wasn't "let loose" on humanity completely alone, because Laura accompanied me to the studio when I was allowed to take my first official biometric passport photos and gave me instructions beforehand on what I have to pay attention to! Fortunately, I had a young man as a customer right from the start, who kindly took 10 minutes after the passport photos so that I could photograph him in front of a colored background in different lighting situations. So I also learned the difference between a spot attachment that radiates the light in the center and an attachment that spreads the light evenly over the background!
But now I have to get going again, gathering experience for the next weekly report! See you then 

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