Daylight photography in the studio

Go to the photographer for portraits with natural light? "I can do that with my own camera," I'm sure many people think. And they're right about that - of course you can take great photos yourself without a flash and end up with a great snapshot

Light is the tool of photographers. But you don't always need big, heavy lamps for that. Exciting and beautiful shots can also be taken with available daylight. Whether it's photos of the sweet newborn, one-time Baby bump photos or extraordinary portraits goes. We at Photogenica have a trained eye and always manage to “put our subject in the right light”

Just as with flashlight, you can use daylight just as purposefully and work and "play" with it. It has the ability to create an incredibly comfortable vibe as it looks so natural, warm, soft and cozy. And all this even without direct sunshine


We have a large window in our studio in the west end, which we love to take our portrait and newborn photos with. But we can also take impressive pictures of you outside with the available light

On shoots like ours home stories, we work almost exclusively with existing light. Since we are doing this shoot at your home, we would also like to capture the present (light) mood there. This atmosphere is then refined and perfected in our professional post-processing.

We are happy to produce unique and effective pictures for you, whether with natural or flash light.

Many greetings,
& the Photogenika team

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

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