The perfect tie knot for the application photo

Photo instructions for tying a tie easily and professionally

You need instructions on how to tie a tie at the latest when new application pictures are due. Even men who usually go around without one use the tie in application photos to appear particularly serious and trustworthy. To help you achieve the right business look (or help your husband or boyfriend do it), we've put together a photo guide. Step by step you will learn how to tie a tie knot. You can choose between the easy-to-learn old German knot and the somewhat more complex Windsor knot. Imitation desired!

The light old German tie knot

The old German tie knot is standard and easy to learn even for tie beginners. 

Another advantage is that it can be tied quickly and is not too thick.

The ingenious Windsor knot

The noble classic is named after the Duke of Windsor and is a bit more complicated to tie, but can still be tied around your own neck. Overall, the knot is a little thicker.

With a little practice, the Windsor knot will also work blindly.

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