Photo exercises from the report book - From the diary of a trainee

as Trainee photographer I have to keep a report book among other things. This is a folder in which weekly reports about what I have learned and done at work or at school as well as exercises I have photographed are collected.
This part of the report booklet is called "photographic internship" and consists of twelve tasks from different areas of photography, which all trainees have to implement in the course of their two to three years of training. There are a few specifications for each photo series, but the creative implementation and organization of equipment, a location, props and models is entirely up to the trainees.
The first task of the photographic internship revolves around landscape photography. For this purpose, three different views of a cityscape are to be photographed with a common image idea. Because I love sunsets and evening light, I chose the topic "Munich in the blue hour".
The blue hour describes the 15-30 minutes during twilight when the sky is deep blue and the horizon is orange. As the sky is still fairly light in the blue hour, the city is bathed in a beautiful natural light and the interplay of the blue of the sky and the yellow of the city lights creates a dramatic effect.
Unfortunately, I quickly reached the limits of my own small camera and luckily I was allowed to take our camera out of the photo studio borrow. The colleagues also gave me good advice on photography and gave me a few insider tips for a good view over Munich. And when the weather cooperated, the pictures you can see below were finally taken!
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Photography Munich


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Photo Munich


Photography Munich


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