An evening with TagHeuer, Unicef and Mats Hummels at H'ugo's

How did it come about that I was able to spend an evening with a traditional watch manufacturer, a well-known national player and Unicef? A little tip: it was for a good cause, was characterized by a lot of feeling and a result that is impressive. What I love so much about Munich as a photographer is the variety that is offered to me here. As soon we When you get a new order from Photogenika, you never really know what to expect. Sometimes it takes us to wonderful places in the middle of the country or we are allowed to accompany events in the noblest locations in the heart of Munich.

Recently, I had the second thing to do and I was allowed to attend a wonderful event from Day, this year accompany photographically. If you're wondering who that is, here's the short answer: TagHeuer is a traditional Swiss watch manufacturer that has been delighting the world with its timepieces since 1860.

This event took me to the vault of Hugo's, which is very impressive. All of the former original bank lockers are still in this one and can hardly be compared to any other location. If the vault was already very impressive for me, the evening in general fascinated me even more. But let's start at the beginning.

The event

The event started quite comfortably with a discreet and private reception and an exciting backdrop. Next to the heavy vault doors everything seemed very delicate and the mood lighting reinforced this impression. For me as a photographer, the reception is a wonderful opportunity to photograph the guests in a relaxed and relaxed manner while they are being greeted and having a little conversation. Immediately afterwards it went into the safe and the first course was not long in coming.

event photographer

But it got really exciting for me, photographically and personally, between the courses.
Mats Hummels and Claudia Berger from Unicef presented their joint project, which is building schools in Malawi. The two explained the circumstances before the start as well as the current development and which goals are still to be achieved.
The pictures and stories that both brought with them were very moving and emotional.

Furthermore, the “Stop 10 Seconds” campaign launched by Mats Hummels, Udo Lindenberg and Angelique Kerber was presented, which also touched me very much. Every 10 seconds a child dies from malnutrition and Mats Hummels and Claudia Berger answered questions from those present on exactly this topic. There was a lively exchange about both projects and many questions wrapped the room in thoughtfulness and empathy, which can hardly be described

Event photography Munich

However, there was a wonderful surprise the same evening. To ensure that both projects continue to gain momentum, TagHeuer presented a donation check to Unicef. Afterwards, everyone involved had the chance to get a picture together with Mats Hummels.

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