Photos in the Photogenika photo studio

Photos in the Photogenika photo studio

Have photos taken in a protected setting in Munich.

lighting conditions for beautiful photos

Many photos require a plain background, light that is specially adjusted to a person and does not change again and again. You will find this environment in our photo studios. With the latest lighting technology, the optimal lighting can be generated here, which nevertheless does not appear unnatural. Outside the photo studio, the photographer is confronted with changing light and shadow conditions. This inevitably leads to individual photos, which is not always desirable, especially with passport or application photos. Find out about here Passport Photos and Application Photos of photogenics.

Be independent of external circumstances

In our photo studios in Munich we are always able to take great, natural photos of you. Whether it's raining, storming or snowing outside, we have an environment where you can relax and feel good. Wind and weather have no influence on us. It is important to have current photos available, especially for images that are to be used for an official or business context.

Privacy whenever you want it

In our broad portfolio of shootings, there are also areas or topics where privacy and a protected environment in our studios are very important. Examples include nude and baby photos. Also in other areas like portrait shootings it may be easier for the client or you to relax for natural photos when you cannot be observed in public places. Photos from the photo studio bring a lot of advantages, but of course photos that were taken outside the studio also have a lot of charm. Ultimately, we always focus on our customers. We would be happy to advise you on which location is suitable for your desired photo shoot.

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

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