Marriage at the registry office in Munich

If you're reading this, it means you're planning to get married, and first of all, congratulations! We are in love with love and therefore also with every wedding, because every yes word is something very special. Likewise every marriage, every wedding room and every registry office. Munich has some of the most beautiful registry offices. Want to find the perfect one for your wedding? We can't tell you exactly which one is perfect for you, but we can name the registry offices in Munich and list a few advantages for your wedding.

Registry office in Munich on Ruppertstrasse

Probably the best-known, largest registry office in Munich, which is responsible for around 1.4 million inhabitants, on Ruppertstrasse, impresses us wedding photographers with its modern architecture, the great location of the wedding halls on the fifth floor and the huge windows in the rooms. For the bridal couple and the guests there is a great connection to local transport, as well as an underground car park and thus you directly avoid the big parking problem in Munich. The friendly reception of the bridal couples before the wedding and the very well organized registry office offers a large roof terrace with a view over the surrounding area and enough space for a champagne reception and the first wedding pictures after the wedding.

Registry office Mandlstrasse

If you are imagining a more romantic registry office for your wedding that doesn’t feel like a big city, we can recommend the registry office on Mandlstrasse for your marriage. It is the second in Munich and is located directly at the English Garden in Schwabing. The beautiful baroque building is a great backdrop for wedding photos and group photos can also be taken on the front steps. For even more unusual wedding pictures, the English Garden begins with numerous sceneries directly behind the building. Even the Monopteros, a well-known landmark in Munich, is only a few minutes' walk away.

Registry office Pasing

The smallest registry office in Munich and third on our list is in Pasing. The very new wedding hall is bright, flooded with light and gives your wedding a modern style. A small piano and on-site staff pianist offer the opportunity to play your favorite music during the ceremony. A small garden with bar tables for champagne receptions is located behind the building. The glass facade of the office also offers great opportunities for wedding photos and group photos.

Civil marriage in the Nymphenburg Palace or in the small meeting room in the town hall

The most exclusive and at the same time most expensive option for a civil wedding is probably the one in the Nymphenburg Palace and in the small meeting room in the new town hall. Registration works via an application form and a lottery procedure. Three couples are married on just ten Fridays a year. The proud price of around 700 euros for a wedding is worth it, because the ambience is unique. Not only at the wedding ceremony, but also the portraits in this historical place sparkle with extravagance.

We also have a wonderful list of our registry offices on our page for Wedding locations in and around Munich processed. Here we not only present registry offices with pictures and texts, but rather wedding locations to celebrate.

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