Behind the scenes of Photogenika

Do you really need that many shots for a portrait? How much time do you need to edit? Many of our customers often ask us what actually happens behind the scenes in our photo studio and how much effort is really behind a photo shoot. Now we would like to give you an insight into our process.

Being a passionate portrait photographer means that you don't just work as a photographer, but also as a stylist, type consultant, animator, soul caretaker, calming influence, child entertainer and problem solver.

your shoot

Before a shoot, we at Photogenika prepare for each of you as best as possible. As soon as you have arrived at our place, we are naturally very interested in how you imagine your recordings to be and what your wishes are.

Half an hour per outfit and background seems very long to many at first. Of course, we would like to present you as diverse as you are. We give ourselves in our photo studio the greatest effort to take away the excitement and to make sure that you feel comfortable with us as soon as possible.

Most of the time, however, everyone needs a little time to get over the excitement and really settle in with us. With full commitment and passion, we try to tease out the character of each person during the shoot and show you in the pictures as you really are.
Of course, this also includes getting children to laugh, photographing family members with their happiest faces, pregnant women and their joy at their little miracle and making nudes look as seductive as possible. Of course, all this requires trust and some time.

02 Photogenics family

The picture selection

After the shooting, we prepare the shots for selection as quickly as possible. This means that we go through all the motifs photographed individually and, for example, immediately remove images that have been blinked. We select your most beautiful photos for you, picture by picture, and we are also happy to place a filter over our favorites so that you can also view other colors in your photos. All this takes about the time of your chosen shooting.

Only when everything is perfect do we upload your pictures to our online shop or let you know that you can come by to select the picture. For the personal selection of pictures, we are happy to take about an hour to advise you.

09 Nude photogenics shoot

your finished picture

As soon as you have placed your order for your photographs with us, they will be listed and sorted for processing. Of course, all our photographers try to process your motifs as quickly as possible, but sometimes there is an increased number of orders that arrive at the same time, which we can only process one after the other.

We are happy to take enough time for the retouching so that you can get your recordings in the best possible quality and we can also respond to your individual wishes. We try to maintain a natural look and your individuality. A good retouch can be recognized by the fact that the viewer does not recognize you as such.

We at Photogenica are passionate photographers and put our heart and soul into every small step for you, so that you can capture your most beautiful moments for eternity. I hope I was able to give you a little insight into our work and how much you and your wishes are important to us.

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