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portraits - we love her. They say a lot about the person depicted or let them appear in a completely new light. The only things that are needed in the minimalist sense are two people and light.


When photography was still in its infancy, those portrayed had to sit in the sun for almost half an hour before a picture was taken. Fortunately, nobody has to put up with this hardship anymore. Technically speaking, creating an image only takes a fraction of a second. However, creating a motif with a person takes a little longer because many factors come into play.




Us at Photogenika it is important that you feel comfortable in front of the camera and that we can take our time for you. Of course we know how important the recordings are to you and that you want to leave our studio with beautiful portraits in your hands.

We are more than happy to help you with this. Before you pick up the phone and want to call us, you should ask yourself two more questions: "For whom or for what purpose do I want to have the pictures taken?" and "How do I want the photos to look?". Do you need the picture as a gift? Do you need it on a canvas? Do you finally want to look like you really are in pictures? Or would you like to experience yourself in a completely different way? Cool, sexy, playful, romantic? As long as it suits you, we can implement anything. Don't have a solid idea yet? That's no problem either. We try to tease out the optimal look for your pictures for you




Have you thought about getting a professional haircut before your photo shoot? We work with highly qualified make-up artists who will support you in creating the perfect style for your portrait. It is very important that you also feel what you want to express.
Wear an outfit that you feel comfortable in and that gives you confidence. It's best to wear things that aren't too big or too tight. Your favorite party outfit, or your favorite in everyday life. The main thing is that it makes you happy to wear it or takes you to beautiful memories.


If you are not sure about your outfit, you are welcome to bring several outfits with you and we will be happy to advise you again on site. You can also bring a small selection of accessories with you if you are unsure.


Portraits are not only there to give away, but can also be just for yourself. You treat yourself to the time to just take care of yourself and do something good for yourself. The fact that great memories of your current look are also created is the icing on the cake.


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