Baby belly photos with a feel-good factor

You would like to have a baby bump photo shoot, but just feel too undressed for it in lingerie Baby bump photos?
Then we have the ideal solution for you! For mums-to-be who don't quite get used to the very classic baby belly photos from Photogenika, we have added a new, great accessory to our range with a 100% feel-good guarantee: a long, white, flowing bandeau dress that can be variably combined with a cute embroidered one Flower belt, which plays around the baby bump perfectly and can be skilfully staged.
In one of our last training courses for pregnancy photos, we tested the dress on a very dear, very pregnant mother. It was tried out against different backgrounds and under different lighting settings to see what the dress could do, how best to drape or toss it so that it flies nice and easily and we are happy with the results of the Baby bump photos Munich very satisfied.
Our conclusion: this dress gives a mum-to-be the feeling of being dressed in such a way that it acts like a little protection, but is still free enough for us photographers from Photogenika to put the round growing ball in the right light.
A few examples of the baby bump pictures from the photo shoot can be found below. If you have any questions about baby bump photography, we are happy to answer any questions you may have by phone – we look forward to many baby bumps to come and hope you enjoy looking at the baby bump pictures that have been taken.
Sonja and her Photogenika team

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