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A long word that describes a shoot with just one person. what is portrait photography, what kind of pictures do you take and do I have to look like a model to have a portrait photograph taken of me? Do we just stay in the studio or can I go outside with the photographer too? I'll answer all of that for you here and I also have one or two tips ready for you.

Portraits have been around almost as long as photography itself. The first portrait dates from 1839 and shows the face of Robert Cornelius. He assumed it was the very first photograph in human history, but he was dead wrong, as this was taken 13 years earlier with an image showing the view from a study at Le Gras.

Back to the present. In a portrait, we only photograph you, without other people around you. The idea of you standing alone in front of the camera doesn't sound very comfortable to you? Rest assured, after a short adjustment period, it won't feel strange anymore, because we do everything we can to make your time in our studio in Munich as pleasant and fun as possible. After all, you should enjoy the moment and maybe feel a bit like a model. Of course, you don't have to be one. We are all far from the definition of "perfect" and yet we all have our own individual and characteristic way that defines us. That is exactly what we try to capture in a photo with the help of our lens, light, perspective and creative ideas.

There are also no limits to your creativity. Are you passionate about music and do you play an instrument? If possible, please bring it to us. A wide variety of sporting passions, books, games and many unique hobbies have already found their way into ours Munich photo studiosYour personal clothing style should also be visible in your portrait photos. And this is also a tip: only bring outfits that you really feel comfortable in. If you feel like you're in costume, you'll look like you're in costume in your photo. The right make-up can also give you a little self-confidence "boost". We'd be happy to book a make-up artist for your shoot.

Of course we have at the Portrait photography Munich as well as the possibility to take pictures indoors as well as outdoors. In the studio we can influence the light ourselves so that your facial features, your outfit and your accessories are perfectly staged in front of the camera. We portrait photographers can create a wide variety of images and lighting situations. From a creative, shadowy portrait in front of a black background to a modern lighting in front of a bright background, everything is possible.

If you are looking for more "natural" portrait photos, we recommend going outside. We will pack our camera and lenses and go for a little walk with you through the local area or meet you at an agreed meeting point in Munich or the surrounding area. The natural light and surroundings make your pictures appear even lighter and some people simply feel more relaxed and detached outdoors.

It doesn't matter whether you decide to take photos indoors or outdoors, together with us you create a lasting memory that you can, for example, record in a photo album you can hold on to for years to come. You can find out more about portrait photography and our prices here.

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