Professional newborn photo shoot in Munich

Professional newborn photo shoot in Munich

We are your experts for newborn photography in Munich

Why newborn photos are something very special for new parents

Photos help us capture important life events and special moments. Since the birth of a child is a drastic and life-changing experience for everyone, the growing up of the new family member should be well documented from the start. Newborn photo shoots in Munich help you to capture the first days of your newborn in a photo album.

How exactly does a newborn photo shoot in Munich work with us?

We are happy to take a lot of time for you and your baby to take pictures in peace and without stress. Therefore, try to come without stress (as far as possible as new parents) and on time. If you are in the studio a little earlier, you can arrive relaxed and breastfeed and change the newborn again. So that your baby does not freeze during the photo shoot, we heat up our photo studio. Parents should therefore not forget an airy change of clothes.

At the beginning of the photo shoot, the babies are stripped down to their nappies, wrapped in a cozy blanket and allowed to go back to mum or dad to cuddle or breastfeed. During this time we will discuss with you which image ideas you would like to implement in your photo shoot. Please do not bring more companions with you than is absolutely necessary. Too many people cause unrest and we also need space to work - with the exception of parents and siblings, of course.

Our photographers will take care of the rest. You are welcome to make yourself comfortable on our couch during this time and watch us at work. Want to learn more about newborn photography? Then find out more now newborn photography or read our more detailed article Procedure and checklist Newborn photo shoot.

How do we design our newborn photography in Munich?

Since we are well prepared for the photography of newborns, we have a large amount of equipment that we can use for your newborn photo shoot. Whether blankets, hats or hair bands, we have the right accessory for every newborn. Of course you can also bring something personal, such as a cuddly toy. Generally, photos of newborns are at their best when they're naked, so you don't need to carry too many clothes with you Newborn photo shoot bring along. We work with different backgrounds, for example baskets, boxes, suitcases or bowls. Of course, you can bring your own wishes to the shooting for newborn photography at any time.

When is the best time for a newborn photo shoot?

Newborn photos are best taken in the first 4-14 days of life. It is therefore best to contact us at the end of your pregnancy so that we can plan better. Even if your little sunshine is then born, it would be important that you contact us before the birth, but at the latest within the first 4 days, otherwise we may not be able to offer you an appointment for a newborn photo shoot. In our experience, an appointment in the morning is best, as the babies still sleep a lot at this time. We explain this in more detail in our extra article on the subject Newborn and baby photos: The perfect time.

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