Portrait in the dark - implementation

Portrait at night
Training on 10/29/09

The goal of this shoot was a special portrait shot outdoors, in the dark and with a high depth of field.
The question "Where?" was quickly resolved. The great lighting and location of the European Patent Office had to be exploited. We were also quite tied in time and so we set out after work to put our idea into practice. A very fast lens with a focal length of 28 mm contributed to this shot, since a lot of the background can be seen in the detail.
Due to the "long" exposure time of 1 second, the spots on the ceiling of the architecture brought a very interesting mood to the picture. In addition, we used a tripod, otherwise the photo would have been blurred (1 second is too long an exposure time to keep the camera completely still). The subject, in this case Tina, was exposed with an external flash and so the photo was perfectly illuminated, despite the very small aperture of 22. The external flash was held and fired by Amela, who was standing to Tina's right. Madlen paid attention to the model's facial expressions, hair and posture. Laura wrote down everything so that this entry could come about.

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