Experiences and moments - My 3-year apprenticeship as a photographer at Photogenika

I'll soon be at the end of my 3-year apprenticeship as a photographer and would like to share with you the experiences I made as an apprentice photographer Photogenica was allowed to do.
As a photographer, I experience incredibly beautiful moments again and again. Capturing emotional experiences, a beautiful smile, a happy family or a couple in love is exactly what I enjoy. I can give each picture my individual touch and let my creativity run free. This requires a lot of practice and a good knowledge of human nature, which I was able to refine during my time at Photogenika.
It all started with passport photos and application photos. I was quickly able to give my photographer colleagues a helping hand. Next it was: "Practice, practice, practice!" Because I wanted to get further and gradually take on the larger photo shoots. So I practiced portrait photos and family photos with friends and acquaintances, assisted my colleagues in the photo studio, where I was able to "absorb" all the information that was given to me. I was finally able to implement these photo shoots perfectly and start practicing nude and lingerie photos as well as baby bump pictures. I was able to try a lot of new things on the customer and learned how to best stage the different bodies and how to emphasize the advantages of each customer with different lighting settings.
Since the beginning of the third year of my apprenticeship, I have been photographing in almost all areas of private and business photography by Photogenika and am constantly developing as a photographer. It is important in this profession to give the customer trust, since a photo shoot is not an everyday occurrence and it is important that everyone feels comfortable. This is the only way to create really beautiful pictures that our customers can proudly show off.
My further goals as a photographer are to continuously develop my creativity, to work out different techniques and to make the customers happy. Because I can say one thing, you never stop learning!
I would like to thank my colleagues for their help and active support, for the beautiful and emotional moments, for the many situations in which we laughed so heartily.
Your Moira

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