Throwback Tuesday - 3 years of training as a photographer

Last summer I was finally able to hold my long-awaited apprenticeship certificate in my hands. I've been working towards this for three long years, taking a thousand pictures, spending another thousand hours in post-processing and probably a lot more studying for the exam.
But what actually happens in a Training as a photographer with photogenics?

1st year of apprenticeship

In my freshman year at Photogenica I learned an awful lot of things. At the beginning you fulfill even simpler tasks, such as operating the cash register, taking pictures of passport photos or organizational work.
It quickly became more demanding and I was allowed to take part application pictures and prove it in customer contact. As soon as I had gained enough experience in this, I was allowed to work with customers myself.
At first I was really nervous, but the more experienced I became, the easier my work became.

Training as a photographer in Munich

2nd year of apprenticeship

After the application pictures I took my next big step and tried myself portraits and family photos. Many of my friends had to serve as models. At this point, once again, a big thank you to you! I was also allowed to accompany some of our weddings and collect first impressions of wedding photography. At the end of the second year of training I was able to photograph almost every area of private photography of photogenics independently and started the last part of my training motivated.

Trained as a photographer in Munich

3rd year of apprenticeship

Final spurt! In my third year at Photogenika in Munich, I was able to gain experience and further develop my skills.
And then it was already so far that I had to think about my upcoming final exam. Since my training focuses on portrait photography, I was allowed to choose and realize a free topic.

In the end, the three years flew by and I am now happy to be able to actively support my colleagues in the photo studio in the Westend.
Now as a photographer journeyman.

PS: If you are also interested in an apprenticeship at Photogenika, you will find it here all details.

Yours, Nikki

Hotel photo shoot

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or casual portrait photos

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